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    Sunday, September 16th, 2012
    3:58 pm
    Watched "Pink Cadillac" (1989) the other day. Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters starred in what was a forgettable film. I watched it for some reason and it turned out to be a nice trip into the past. In once scene in a desert town, you can see a sign in the background with the price of gas listed as 85 cents a gallon! Lol. In another scene, Peters rides in the car with her infant daughter on her lap, no carseat. Most interesting was a scene in a casino lounge where an entertainer was performing in the background. The performer was Jim Carrey, billed as "James Carrey", just before his time on "In Living Color" that made him famous. Looking through imdb to check out more 80s films to watch, especially starring ppl who later became more famous.

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Saturday, September 8th, 2012
    1:12 pm
    Wow! Does anyone post on LJ anymore? I haven't been back here in a long while. Most ppl might be prone to saying that FB has killed LJ, but I wouldn't totally agree with that. While the newer crop of social media sites has taken a bite out of the older ones like LJ and myspace, the newer ones like FB and Twitter are more geared to social media. The older sites were envisioned as something different and were simply hijacked for social media. When something that better fit that model came along, users migrated. Myspace was originally created so that musicians and artists could have their own websites without having to create them (remember Geocities?). LJ was there for ppl to write and blog. Younger users, who generally have more time on their hands to tinker, found other uses for these site. For me tho, it's both the ease of the other sites, the number of friends who're already on those sites and the simple math of how many hours a day I have to spend on the internet. If I'm on site X, I'm going to have to limit my time on R.

    Actually, I hardly spend any time on FB, it's become more of a bulletin board to me, I go on there to check what notes have been posted. My email accounts have suffered some, I neglect a few of them fairly regularly. Myspace is still there and I check it. I guess that cell phone technology has really changed things the most. I certainly am txting a lot more than I was 5 years ago. No, I haven't bought into that tracking device known as a smartphone yet. The more I hear of them and what the service providers do with the data they obtain, the less I'm interested. Sooo, all that being said, I'll see how much time I begin to spend here.

    Came home last night and went to bed for a nap. Usually, I set my alarm, but didn't this time. So I was kinda surprised (but not really) when I woke up at 8:45 to go to he bathroom, then again at 3:30 or so. Spent an hour on the internet and then hit the sheets again. Woke up finally at 11 this morning. Yeeesh! Did I really need that much sleep? Maybe so.

    Current Mood: refreshed
    Monday, January 9th, 2012
    8:50 pm
    Just logged in and posted something private. I needed to journal something.
    Looked in my mssgs and saw the last mssg was 94 weeks ago. Wow! That's almost 2 years! I know there are other sites that are the new, fresh thing with all the attention, but I'm glad LJ is still here. Ol' faithful. I hope LJ avoids all the bells, whistles and fads of the other sites. There's nothing wrong with some things staying unchanged for long periods of time.
    Thursday, October 13th, 2011
    12:19 am
    Wow! So few ppl use LJ these days. I know I haven't been here in months. I go to my friends page and there's only two posts from the same user. Changing times.
    Saturday, June 18th, 2011
    8:46 pm
    It's been almost a year since I was fired from my former employer. A lot has happened since then. It can be hard to move on emotionally and spiritually when you think you've been wronged, but I've been to do that. Can't say I'm not happy when word gets back to me about conditions at my former workplace, word that things are still poor or that they've deteriorated in my absence. (In one case, they have.) But the urge to get back and to prove myself right are largely gone. I think that I have proven myself over the past year, having earned some manufacturing certifications and progressing in a new job. The stain of having been fired fades.

    I once saw some TV show about children in SE Asia who suffered immensely under some government, the details have left me. What I held onto was the words of one of the kids, when asked if he wanted revenge against those who had hurt him. His answer was that the best form of revenge was to go out and succeed in your life, to let your enemies know they had failed. I was at the waterpark, chatting with a friend while waiting in line. Something came up about water quality and I went into detail a bit about what was prob'ly happening. I'd finished and he turns to me and says, "I can tell that you really cared about doing a good job." Tho that wasn't my intention, just sharing knowledge was, it felt like high praise.
    Thursday, March 17th, 2011
    11:58 pm
    Really curious as to what France's air force is doing right now.
    Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
    8:37 pm
    So why aren't we doing anything more in Libya to help the revolution against Moammmar Ghadaffi, more than just the "strong urgings" of our government? The rebels call to the west for help and all our leaders can do is hold meetings and discuss. A few western nations like France and GB have also called for no-fly zones while calls for Ghadaffi to step down have come from the groups of Arab and African nations. But we do nothing. So here's what I see.

    If the US gets involved militarily in Libya, aside from being stretched way too thin to do it, we will be sending a message to other Arab nations in the region that we may do the same if similar democratic movements. Now, we have some interests in some of those countries, like a continued supply of oil and access to military bases. Those might be jeopardized if we side with someone other than the ruling regime, esp. if the revolution fails. So that's why the administration's done little more than issue "strong urgings" and have meetings. Yeah, there's a lot going on in the world right now, but this is an opportunity that doesn't come along often. Ronnie would have gone for it.
    Thursday, November 25th, 2010
    7:54 pm
    Happy Thanksgiving one and all! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, however you observe it.
    Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
    6:34 pm
    Don't think I've ever discussed my living situation or my roomie, but here goes! I found a place in a nice section of town, actually it's own village, renting form a guy my age. It's his house and he lives there too. He's divorced and has two children, both currently in college. He was adopted into a wealthy family in the NE part of the state, his father owns some manufacturing plants. So he grew up with a lot. Expects a lot, still. The guy's in sales and has a cool gig. He really doesn't know how easy he has it. He works for company that sells orthotics and most of his customers are elderly ppl in nursing homes and the like who need braces and orthotics.

    When I first moved there, I would come home and he'd be in front of the TV, doing paperwork. He'd complain about the paperwork involved as Medicare was paying for most of his customers' footwear needs. Yeah, right. I'm sitting at home, working in front of the TV. Better than sitting at a desk in an office I think. Well, I just started telling him about my work and his complaints died down. I hear nothing now.

    Once in a while, he'd talk about his parents' philosophy on money. I guess he expected them to just start doling out money to all the kids, himself included. He'd say something like, "my parents don't believe in giving out their money to their kids. they say that their money is theirs." Well, yeah! I mean, this guy went to a great university, got a chemical eng. degree and at one time was in sales for a chemical company. He's in sales now. So why should his parents give money to a guy who's in his prime earning years? They're right. Their money is their money. When I would hear him talking about his parents' money, my thots were, "You grew up in the same house with a millionaire. What did you learn from him?" Apparently, not much. I get the idea that he's a spoiled rich kid.

    This brings us to the present day. Last night, he called up to me and asked if I were going to be at the house the next day (today) from 4-6 PM. He said that his internet cable wasn't working right and he was making an appt. for the techs to show up. I said I wasn't going to be available for that. Now, this guy stays up late and rarely gets out of bed before noon. And he wants me to sit around for 2 hours and wait for the cable guy to fix his cable internet which I don't use. Right, lol. So I guess he got out of bed a little earlier to wait for the techs. I mean, he could have been getting some paperwork done in that time.

    He seems to want to protect his perks and expects others to give up what they have, in my case, my free time, so he can keep what he has. Instead of working hard like his dad, he wants to profit from his dad's hard work. He just wants his leisure time and expects everyone else understand that and give in to that. I find all this very amusing!
    Friday, November 5th, 2010
    9:58 pm
    Got on LJ and looked at the friends page, my usual routine, then thot about posting something, just nice and quick. I clicked on "post" and apparently, my last post didn't take 'cause I had a dialog box pop up with "restore draft" as a mssg. I restored it and posted it. Go read it, it's an interesting post, which is an accomplishment on this journal, lol.

    Well, it's winter. At least I consider it winter. It's after Halloween, the haunt season is over, at least my part is, and the cold weather has moved in. That counts as winter, lol. I think it actually snowed up north, near the lake. It's quite colder up there anyway. Got the last of the tropical plants indoors last night, a li'l too late too. Some of the leaves were blackened by the cool temps the previous night. No harm, they'll prob'ly fall off in a few months anyway.

    My new job is going well, but there are cracks in the "new" already. It's like many other businesses too busy to do the things they need to do in order to grow. Things like standardize, clean up, sort things and have a certain place where items can definitely be found. It's everywhere and it's here too. Good thing is that they're better than where I left. Much better in some respects, same in others. Time will tell.
    Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
    12:43 am
    When you log in, there is usually a "writer's block" feature where LJ staff pose a question for those who don't have a topic on which to write. Usually, the question doesn't hit me. This time, it did. They asked if there were any scents that evoked childhood memories. Very appropriate since this is Fall and these memories involve that season.

    We used to burn leaves. The leaves off the trees, that is. This was before composting (which I am very big on) and curbside collections and all that. We used to just rake them up and burn them. It was one of my favorite annual rituals. I loved the smell and, as a boy, I loved fire. There were several components of the ritual tho. First, the least pleasant, was the raking of the leaves. That was work. We raked and raked them into several piles, but not too many. After that came play. We kids would jump into the piles of leaves, burrow into them and hide and generally annoy our parents who were still performing the raking. Then came the burning.

    The neighborhood would be hazy with the smoke of dozens of leaf fires. It seemed that everyone would perform this ritual at the same time, so your neighbors were usually burning leaves too. The smoke was fragrant and the heat was inviting. Once in a while, you'd get a concentrated puff of smoke in your eyes and feel that familiar sting. You learned to be careful in the future. There were sticks to throw in the fire after you played with them. You might even have some marshmallows for roasting, but this really wasn't the type of fire for that.

    For days afterward, the clothes I wore for burning leaves had this delicious smoky aroma to them. That is until my mom washed them. I tried to avoid that and we played a little hide-and-seek with my clothes, but eventually they'd get washed and the smell would be gone. As time went on, attitudes toward open burning of leaves changed and the practice became banned. One concern was the smoke of leaf fires near roads obscuring the vision of drivers. I'm sure the fire departments also didn't care responding to fires out of control or ppl who managed to get burned. And as I said, I eventually got into horticulture and began to see leaves as a resource, not refuse. Still, I have many fond memories of that practice from many years ago.

    I drove home the other night and, as I got out of the car, I could detect that old, familiar smell. I think someone was having a fire in a pit in their back yard and just for fun, threw a small pile of leaves on the fire. Whatever it was, it was a welcome experience!

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
    3:10 am
    Long time since I've been here. Longer still since I've posted. I never really posted that much anyway, not feeling that I had much to write about. Facebook suited me better; short, little bursts of what's going on in one's life. Little sound bites. But I checked back every once in a while and thot I'd leave more than comments on the pages of others.

    I am still looking for work, following the loss of my job on July first. I've been making it tho. I've had to cut way back on things, which has helped me realize how much fluff and waste there was in my life. I hadn't thot I'd have still been unemployed at this time. I really thot I would have had to take a job just to make more than my unemployment benefits, but it's lasted so far. I'm leaning heavily on credit cards tho, and that can't continue indefinitely. There are some leads out there, one which I'm waiting to hear on any day.

    In the meantime, I enjoyed the rest of my summer and was able to get into a manufacturing skills training program, offered by a county agency for qualified people. That lasted 4.5 weeks and I now have 4 recognized certifications. I also got a job, again, with a local theme park to work during the scare attraction season. I had been an actor in the past and was asked to be a supervisor this year. They were wanting to promote past actors into supv. positions to get more of a balance with the other supervisors who mainly come from technical backgrounds. It's only p/t, seasonal work, but it's greater experience and puts more money in my pocket.

    The weather's been dry around here. I think we've only had 1 decent rain since mid-Aug. maybe. It's been so long I can't even remember. Lawns not irrigated are dry and brown. Many of the leaves on the trees are just drying up and dropping with little to no color change. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, then get cooler, but that remains to be seen.
    Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
    12:31 am
    Things are gonna heat up!
    Just saw this on yahoo...

    "France declares war against al-Qaida"**http%3A//*http%3A//

    The French don't play too nice either. They don't have some of the hang-ups we do when we get into military situations. It'll be interesting tho, b/c France has a large Muslim population, esp. in southern France.

    Current Mood: impressed
    Saturday, June 19th, 2010
    12:04 am
    I took the bull by the horns today at work and spoke with my director about the write-up (which still hasn't been redone by my mgr). I've worked for this guy for the past 4 years at another property and now the current one. I made my case with him and he said we'd all have to sit down and discuss this. I didn't try to harpoon my mgr, but I did mention that someone else had overheard him tell me to not perform the task (the one I was written up for not getting done) on one night last week. So we'll see what happens. I didn't bring it up when he came in to relieve me and he didn't mention it. Dunno where that leaves us, but I think every day that goes by lessens the chance that I'll get the write-up.

    Still gonna look for other work. I knew there was no long-term future where I am. Now the short-term looks kinda foggy too.
    Friday, June 18th, 2010
    2:54 am
    I'm battling a lot of things this summer. right now I'm fighting for my job. Seems our new mgr wants to get rid of me. He already tried to write me up (it's stalled, for now) and a buddy at work has filled me in on what he's been saying about me. I will most likely lose my job, unless this guy gets fired first(could happen). I mean, what does one do in this situation other than look for a new job and hie away from there asap? You're just a sitting duck waiting to get shot.
    Saturday, April 17th, 2010
    10:00 pm
    Spring is fickle around here. We have a few days with temps in the 80s and it really gets ppl going. But today it's 59 for the high. Yeah. Takes them awhile to remember that it's still early spring, lol. The big push now at work is to get our outdoor pool ready for use in the next 8 days. That's the desire of our GM. In this area, outdoor pool season is traditionally Memorial Day to Labor Day. Now, it could go longer in Sept. 'cause of the weather, but bringing it in early is kinda dicey. Like one day it's 85 and the next it's 60. That kinda dicey. Another thing is the availability of guards, who're usually h.s. and college students. School usually limits their involvement outside of those dates.

    So we're working on getting the pool ready for use. Don't know what'll happen with it, if anyone will really even be out on the deck with the weather changing the way it is. We'll have to see. Actually, I already know what'll happen, seen it before, but it'll take management a bit longer to figure it out.

    As for the Icelandic volcano who's name few can pronounce, that's interesting. Closed virtually every airport in northern Europe. I've constantly heard it referred to as the "Icelandic volcano". I was listening to NPR the other day and they had someone from Iceland say the name of the volcano. Haha, it'll take a bit of practice to master that name.
    Friday, March 26th, 2010
    8:34 pm

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    Sunday, February 14th, 2010
    7:45 pm
    Had a bit of an ant problem when I moved in last Fall. Actually, the ant problem seemed to have moved in with me and I found out why, they hitch hiked in on some of my plants. I didn't say anything to the roomie, lest he freak out, but I knew where they were coming from. We eradicated them in the kitchen, actually, the cold weather kinda did them in. Only recently did I finally locate which plant they were in.

    So I found them last night. I had a potted plant sitting next to me on the floor and, while waiting for my comp to catch up, I pulled the rootball out of the plant and voilà, there they were, en masse and spilling out onto my pants. They had lodged in between the rootball and the side of the pot. In winter, these plants need to go a little dry, so there's a bit more space for them. Not for long.
    Friday, January 15th, 2010
    9:19 pm
    I'm still here, but barely sometimes, lol. I had 4 days off in a row this past weekend, which was nice. It was to offset my holiday pay for NYE and day tho. So on my last day off, I wake up and turn on the cell to find a mssg from my director at work telling me that my mgr was fired. So that's 3 in 3 years, 4 if you count the guy who wasn't technically a mgr, but was our lead before they came up with the mgr position. Right now, I have no intention of putting in my name for the position. Our director just isn't in the real world with his expectations on this.

    We have 4 people in our section of the maint. dept., one of whom is the mgr. He's expected to do no work, yet there aren't enough ppl to do all the work. Stuff just doesn't get done. It's so screwy. So now there are 3 of us with no mgr, we get daily input from our dept. director or the assistant. Our director really doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground, he just dances to the company tune.

    So, there's maybe a possibility that I'll get the mgr position, but I'll be doing it for the money, knowing that I probably won't last more than a year. That may be all the time I need.
    Thursday, January 7th, 2010
    1:07 am
    first post
    of the new year. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season. Mine definitely fell into the "other" category. Long story short, car problems on two attempts to leave town kept me in OH this Christmas. I will admit some relief at not having to do all that driving. I still kept my time off from work tho. That was supremely nice!

    The second time I attempted to leave town, the transmission problem that stopped me for awhile in May cropped back up. I was about an hour down the road and after getting out of the dealership, where they couldn't make it malfunction for them, I decided that I didn't trust my trans and turned back for home. A trip to my local trans shop the following Monday for them to check out the problem and perform a trans flush showed the problem: metal shavings in the pan and pulverized aluminum suspended in the oil. Not good.

    I told them I couldn't afford their medicine atm, but the went ahead with the flush and it seems to have helped. The trans is shifting a bit firmer now. Still, big work is in the offing. At the least, the want to drop the trans and open it up to see what may be grinding itself into tiny dust. Sounds reasonable.

    Atm, I'm laid up. The flu started on me as I was driving home this afternoon and I've already called off tomorrow. Don't like to do it, but it'll be worse on them if I have to do it at 6am. Better for them to get their ducks in order tonight. Also, the "white death" is stalking out region, with snow to start tomorrow about 6-8 and continuing into Friday. Total accum., at this time, will be 3-5". I remember about 12 years ago when they forecast 4-6". It snowed for 3 days and we got a total of 18". Yeah.
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